About Me

Wayne Cameron is a trumpet soloist, trumpet teacher, band director, orchestra conductor, chamber music coach, inventor, chamber musician, sportsman, church leader, and the founder of a philanthropic charity.

About Mr. Cameron

Wayne Cameron has been helping young trumpeters to reach their goals and potential for almost 40 years. Retired from the esteemed Peabody Conservatory of Music, Mr. Cameron is not only known for his ability to diagnosis physical and psychological problems (embouchure problems and performance anxiety)  in his students but also able to develop successful strategies to solve these concerns. Mr. Cameron welcomes the opportunity to work with dedicated, talented students who seek insight into problems that may be keeping them from meeting their goals as performers.

Mr. Cameron has had a varied performing, teaching, and conducting career. In 1970 before graduating from East Carolina University, he auditioned and won the 3rd/Asst. 1st trumpet position in the North Carolina Symphony. While in graduate school at Peabody, he also won the Principal Trumpet position in the Annapolis Symphony under famed pianist and conductor Leon Fleischer. At age 19, Mr. Cameron performed with the London Symphony and, once in Baltimore, also performed with the Baltimore Symphony. He has been 1st trumpet in the Chesapeake Brass Quintet for 26 years. Mr. Cameron has performed as a soloist throughout the East coast. He is also in demand for clinics and workshops on trumpet performance and performance anxiety control.

Mr. Cameron, in addition to teaching at Peabody, has taught trumpet at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) for 25 years, at Shepherd University for 9 years, and at Morgan State University and York College of Pennsylvania. Students wishing to study with Mr. Cameron as a music major but prefer not to study in a conservatory environment are encouraged to apply at these other schools.

Mr. Cameron has conducted the Frederick Symphony, The Peabody Brass Ensemble, The Peabody Prep Brass Ensemble, The Peabody Prep Wind Ensemble, Night Train (jazz ensemble from Essex Community College), and the UMBC Symphony. His conducting experiences give him a unique perspective on performance.