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Trumpet Weight, Magnum 6, Reviewed by Mic Smith

Hey Wayne,

Thanks for sending the Magnum. I took it to the gig (corporate band-commercial lead) after finding it fit the Warburton I use for that style of playing.

The results from a 5-hour heavy blow produced some clear results that I already had a suspicion of. As you know, the velocity and volume of air used in a commercial lead context is much greater than any classical one. I noticed improved slotting above the staff but a feel of greater resistance…like I was blowing against a wall at times. In general, the extreme high register (G~double C) took more effort with the Magnum on the piece. I knew this would happen. A lot of manufacturers will open the throats to at least 24 if their design is a heavy mass. It might just be me and my approach to lead playing in this style but I’ve always liked to lean-out with my commercial mouthpiece choices. So…I would not say this is a benefit for this style of playing…at least the way I play it.

The next morning, and thank God it was late morning, I had to work an organ/brass gig. For this style of playing, I use a standard Bach 1X and I have to say I was absolutely blown away. I could run the list down for you but it would be more efficient to just say…on every level, it was an improvement. I use a C for everything except for the picc, when it is called or smart to do so. The sound was more focused, the slotting almost a non-brainer…long sustained blows were effortless and it seemed like I was able to back off on the effort overall. Tomorrow starts a 17-day run of nothing but heavy lead playing every night but after that, I have a 3-day run with the Charlotte Symphony (Punta Gorda, Fl., not NC) and I’m looking forward to using the Magnum for that.

I have over 400 friends on Facebook, a lot of them trumpet players and I seem to have a little influence. Would you mind if I posted there about this Magnum 6? I’m heading to a session this afternoon and since I’ve been told it was more of a film score thing, I will be using the Magnum. I used it last night on a different session and felt pretty good about the ease of playing. Studio is a lot different than live playing mostly due to the whole volume and projection idea but the slotting alone made it much easier for me. Mic

Mic Smith received his formal orchestral training while attending the Peabody Conservatory and the Julliard School. His teachers include Wayne Cameron, Ray Moore and William Vacchiano. His professional experience includes performances with the Baltimore Symphony and both the Broadway and National Touring companies of “Cats” and “Phantom of the Opera”.
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