Magnum 6

Tone Enhancer
The heaviest interchangeable mouthpiece weight on the market!



The question of whether adding weight to a trumpet will improve its playing characteristics has already been answered by Monnette, Taylor, and others with a resounding “Yes!” (Nick Drozdoff, a professional player and physicist from Chicago, explains this phenomenon.) The extra weight makes your trumpet slot better — especially in the upper register — and gives you a darker, more centered tone. Adding weight close to the mouthpiece has a particularly substantial effect.

The Magnum 6 is 6 oz. of plated brass that will fit almost all major mouthpiece brands that have a standard shank. It is removable so you can change it to any mouthpiece you are using at the time.

Developed by Master teacher Wayne Cameron (Mr. Cameron taught trumpet at Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore for 32 years), the Magnum 6 has received rave reviews by players who have tried and used it. It works remarkably well with lower-priced trumpets or trumpets that initially do not slot well!

Of course, if you do not want a darker, more centered tone or a horn that really slots great, then the Magnum 6 is not for you!




Wet Chops
Performance Aid
Never have a dry mouth again!


You’re back stage about to begin your big performance, butterflies with 8-foot wingspans are beginning to flutter in your stomach, your hands start getting cold and clammy, breathing is becoming a bit shallow… but your real dread is DRY MOUTH! You know the feeling: first your tongue begins to feel pasty and sticky, then the feeling spreads to your throat, then it becomes hard to swallow, and suddenly you are on stage and you could strike a match on your tongue! Instead of concentrating on your performance, you are becoming distracted by this terrible sensation.

This is a very common occurrence among all kinds of performers. To help remedy this concern, one must first understand why it happens. Your body is programmed with a reaction to stress or physical threat called the “fight or flight” reaction. Simply put, when your brain perceives a certain level of stress or threat, it prepares the body to either fight or run from the threat. While performing in front of an audience is not a physical threat, it can entail high levels of stress that will trigger this reaction. Once “fight or flight” is triggered, the body shuts down non-essential bodily functions so that all your energy can be focused on the threat you face. Your digestive system is one of the functions that is shut down! (When fighting off an enemy who has attacked your village or running from a predator, digesting lunch is not a high priority for your survival!) Saliva formation is part of the digestive system. Therefore, when “fight or flight” is triggered, guess what? No more spit! That’s right: drier than lunchtime in the Sahara Desert, drier than high noon in Hell, or drier than the sunny side of the Moon! Get the picture?

This is not the time for water; drinking water is the worst thing you can do at this point. It will wash out what little saliva you have left and make you drier than ever. What you need is something with a flavor to jump-start the digestive system. This is the only way. I suggest mild fruit juice, sweet tea, etc – the list is endless. Just a sip at crucial times in your performance will help eliminate the very real problem that plagues many, many performers.

Now we come to the crucial part of our discussion: what kind of delivery system can you use that is subtle and unobtrusive? In my over 30 years of teaching at the university/conservatory level, I have witnessed bottles, glasses, jugs, you-name-it on stage full of water, performers taking swig after swig after swig. Turning a bottle or glass up to drink is very distracting and unsightly to the audience and takes away from the overall effect of the performance. Plus the fact that water doesn’t really help in the long run, so you have to keep at it throughout the performance.

With Wet Chops filled with a flavored drink, you will not have this unsightly and distracting problem. Our squeeze bottle has a specially designed insert that, when held upright and pumped gently, will deliver a fine mist of moisture to coat the roof of your mouth. If you need more moisture, a hard squeeze will deliver a steady stream. It fits neatly into the palm of your hand; it cannot be seen except from up very close, so it is subtle and unobtrusive – just the thing to not distract your audience. It fits nicely into your shirt pocket or vest pocket and can also be left on your music stand or podium.

A light misting just as they walk out carries most experienced performers through a whole performance, but if you need more as your performance progresses, you have the SECURITY of knowing you have the solution to your dry mouth problem with you at all times! The subtle, unobtrusive and perfectly effective way to stimulate saliva flow! What could be better?

Wet Chops comes with instructions on its use.


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“A teacher’s teacher!”

Ray Fowler, former Peabody colleague.

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Magnum 6
Tone Enhancer
The heaviest interchangeable mouthpiece weight on the market!
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“Talent is not rare, having the personal discipline to develop it is rare, it’s the missing ingredient!”

Wayne Cameron


“The whole world stands in line to put you down…you don’t have to be one of them!”

Wayne Cameron